Will There Be a Stunning 2024 Ford Excursion Production?

Will Ford make the Excursion again? Is the ford excursion coming back? There have been rumors flying around considering the 2024 Ford Excursion production years, is ford going to make the excursion again. Yes, the production of Excursion had been discontinued, but there is always a possibility of reviving it again. If the plan is true, then Ford couldn’t have picked the timing better. And it should be interesting to learn what kind of appeal offered by the new generation of Excursion.

About the Excursion in a Glimpse

2024 Ford Excursion
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Because the full-size SUV segment remains popular, many automakers are considering introducing at least one large SUV. When it comes to large SUVs, the Ford Excursion is the largest ever produced. However, this model has not been available for nearly two decades. The 2024 Ford Excursion is still just a rumor, despite numerous credible reports indicating a return. Excursion was an SUV based on the F-250 Super Duty truck, in case you didn’t know.

Excursion was basically an ‘old-school’ SUV which was first launched in the 2000s. When people said that it’s a big SUV, it’s basically an understatement. The SUV was massive! The reason was simple: Back then in the 2000s, it was the first era of SUV boom. Most of the SUVs launched during that time were ‘inspired’ by Hummer H2.

However, Hummer H2 wasn’t the only ‘apex predator’ at that time: the Ford Excursion. The SUV was designed with similar chassis of Ford Super Duty, making the Excursion a humongous SUV with three row layouts. It had impressive towing and hauling power. You can be sure that it could tackle all kinds of passenger vehicle. The powertrain was also impressive. The big engine was the V10 Triton diesel V8 unit with 7.3 liter Power Stroke capacity. Unfortunately, the Excursion’s existence lasted only in a generation, and then it was discontinued.

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The Ford Excursion was one of the most popular vehicles ever made. But why was the ford excursion discontinued and when was the ford excursion discontinued? In 2006, Ford discontinued production of the Excursion because it didn’t sell well. It had been outclassed by other SUVs such as the Toyota Sequoia and Honda Pilot.

why did ford stop making the excursion? The Excursion was a great car, but it didn’t sell very well. The Excursion was a popular vehicle in the 1970s. It was a compact station wagon that could seat five people comfortably. But when Ford stopped producing the Excursion in 1979, sales dropped dramatically.

The Upcoming Plan

However, considering that the SUVs are becoming a trending option for most motorists these days, it has made Ford re-thinking about their decision. With more (and more) options of SUV and off road trucks, Ford seems to ‘miss’ having the Excursions. It’s basically similar to GM that is somewhat missing the Hummer. But if the rumor is true, about Hummer some sort making a comeback, then it’s possible that Ford is doing the same thing.

Rumors have been spreading concerning the highly possibility of 2024 Ford Excursion that would be inspired by the Super Bronco. Moreover, the rumors have been sparked since the company was filling a trademark. Based on it, many have speculated that there is a possibility of a new full size SUV (most likely electric) whose purpose is to revise the gas version of the Excursion.

Dimensions and Design of the Ford Excursion

2024 Ford Excursion
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The future Ford Excursion 2024 will have nearly the same dimensions as the current model despite having a different architecture. This suggests that an extremely huge SUV that is 137 inches long should be anticipated. The longest SUV at the moment is the Chevrolet Suburban, measuring 134 inches. The wheelbase of the Excursion vehicle will be 140 inches.

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The F-250 heavy-duty truck will also significantly influence the Excursion SUV once more. The same design language, a comparable front fascia, and some other exterior components are what we anticipate. The new Ford Excursion will in any case have a tough and commanding appearance. Last but not least, look for 20-inch wheels as standard and 22-inch wheels as an option.

New Interiors

The brand-new Ford Excursion from 2024 will have a ton of high-tech comforts inside. Although the number of trim levels available is unknown, Ford will undoubtedly offer at least one luxurious model. The Excursion model’s roomy interior is its greatest asset. Three rows of seats will accommodate eight passengers in total.

A New Excursion – or Not?

So, is ford coming out with a new excursion? is there will be ford excursion comeback? When is the new ford excursion release date? Although the note is positive on the go, some people say that there is a slim chance that the company will put the Excursion in their upcoming plan.

First of all, the Excursion is the special nameplate that belongs to the regular SUV giant, not the electric one. To consider having an electrified version of the humongous SUV only to give it the same nameplate would be silly. If Ford is going to make a new electric SUV, they are going to give it a new name. The brand-new Ford Excursion will cost at least $50,000 when it goes on sale in 2024. The pricing is likely to be closer to $60k. According to rumors, Blue Oval will introduce a new Excursion SUV in the second half of 2023.

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Second, producing the full ton SUV (with truck basis construction) isn’t exactly cheap. Sure, it has promising off road ability, but when it’s launched, it’s only perfect for the deep pockets customers. So, whether there would be new 2024 Ford Excursion or not, we just have to wait for official confirmation.


Q: Is Ford coming out with a new Ford Excursion?

A: In recent years, Ford hasn’t produced a Super Duty Excursion SUV. But many people still wish it did, despite the fact that it doesn’t. On the basis of that, MegaRexx Trucks transformed an F-250 into a brand-new Excursion.

Q: What is the best year model of Ford Excursion?

A: 2005 was the best year for Ford Excursions. First, there weren’t many issues. Additionally, the model year’s performance rating was 4.8 out of 5 due to the large number of favorable reviews it received. The 2005 model year has enough space for passengers and luggage, as well as a sturdy structure for towing large cargo.

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