Tesla Model 3 2024 Spectacular Production Plan

The upcoming Tesla Model 3 2024 is said to come with updates and improvements, and this is what EV fans has been waiting for. Despite its popularity, Model 3 has been around for 6 years and it needs a redesigned touchup. Although the company has been doing some minor tweaks here and there, still…you get to sense (and see) that Model 3’s exterior design is getting worn and old. It’s a good thing that the company is thinking about a new refreshment because other auto makers have been pretty busy with their new Tesla Model 3 2024 production.

The Spied Mule

Tesla Model 3 2024
Source: hotcars.com

There was a camouflaged prototype vehicle (which everybody thinks is the new Tesla Model 3 2024) spotted in Santa Cruz. This camouflaged vehicle doesn’t seem to have such a grandeur or extravagant changes that everyone expects. Dubbed as the Highland, the new Tesla Model 3 2024 doesn’t seem to carry all of those expected improvements or updates.

However, some people have their own reasons and speculations about it. They reason that the ride covered with camo isn’t exactly the new Tesla Model 3 2024. It’s simply a testing vehicle that has camera (and seemingly sensors) on the bumper. After all, this new vehicle from Tesla is claimed to have better and more improved autonomous driving technology, which makes sense with all of those cameras on the front area. So, many auto enthusiasts believe that the car in the spy shots isn’t the new Tesla Model 3 2024, but it’s basically a test mule. But then again, it’s only speculation because the company themselves hasn’t said anything or confirmed anything.

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The Possibility of Mega Castings

Tesla Model Y has already been constructed with new and advanced system with the structural battery pack and mega castings. It matters because Model Y and Model 3 share many of their parts. Around 75% of Model Y has inspired Model 3. That’s why it makes sense if many people believe that Model 3 would also incorporate the same system. The Mega Castings itself refers to two huge (gigantic, actually) single pieces of aluminum castings that form together the front area as well as the back of the electric ride. A single casting parts function to replace many of the conventional parts.

For the Structural Battery Pack, it’s referring to batteries for both energy storage as well as the car’s part of the structure. It affects the overall weight of the ride. You are able to remove conventional (structural) components and replace it with this new structural pack, you can significantly reduce the overall weight. Of course, it would affect the performance of the ride, including speed and agility.

Affordability Factor

Tesla Model 3 2024
Source: hotcars.com

When the Model 3 was first created, the original plan was to make it accessible for the mass public. The Tesla Model 3 2024 starting price would be $35,000. Sure, such a Tesla Model 3 2024 model is available technically, but it’s quite difficult to find. Not to mention that it doesn’t have basic features, like rear speakers and floor mats. The current Model 3 is now sold at around $47,000, and that’s the cheapest one.

There is no official release for this new Tesla Model 3 2024, and the company hasn’t provided any official release either. We just have to wait for further confirmation about Tesla Model 3 2024.

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Q: Will there be a new Model 3 in 2023?

A: The base, Long Range, and Performance trim levels of the 2023 Tesla Model 3 are compact all-electric sedans. The range and acceleration of the trio differ. Keep in mind that Tesla upgrades its vehicles on a rolling basis rather than according to model year, so features and range may vary from what is depicted below.

Q: Will a Tesla last 20 years?

A: The Tesla Model S can travel 400,000 to 500,000 miles before needing maintenance, thus it may be kept up for more than 20 years. Before a replacement is required, the Tesla Model X should be able to run for about 15 years (or more than 300,000 miles).

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