2024 Honda CRV

The Prestigious 2024 Honda CRV with Attractive Electric

There have been rumors about the so-called 2024 Honda CRV getting some electrification work. Again, they are rumors about 2024 Honda CRV, but considering that many of the auto manufacturers are switching to electric power (with the belief that it’s the future or the industry and it’s going to be eco-friendlier move), it’s quite understandable …

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2024 Honda EV

2024 Honda EV SUV with A Stunning and Timeless Design

It is sad to know that Honda is late to enter the market. However, a first all-electric SUV is already on the track of Japanese automakers. In general, the 2024 Honda EV SUV is a result of collaboration with General Motors. The short-lived Honda EV Plus was Honda’s first electric vehicle (EV) to be sold …

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