Porsche Panamera 2024: Magnificent Serious Developing

Although the Taycan all electric model is getting a new popularity, Porsche remains loyal with the Panamera, which is proven from their new plan for Porsche Panamera 2024. They are pretty serious about this plan, which is shown from the new Porsche Panamera 2024 spotted going through testing stage. The vehicle has gone through several testing stage in Nurburgring and it has been spotted twice within the spy shot moments. And now, the Panamera is spotted in the US, cruising down the street with the heavy camo covering some of its parts. According to some sources, it’s possible that we are looking at Panamera’s sporty turbo variant.

The New Porsche Panamera 2024

Porsche Panamera 2024
Source: autoevolution.com

The Porsche Panamera 2024 would be set as the third gen model. It may be designed as a new ride with evolutionary style, especially against the second gen model. This is done because of Taycan all electric success, which has triumphed the hybrid and combustion Panamera. Even with the heavy camo, you can still see new additions.

Exterior Design

Porsche Panamera 2024
Source: autoevolution.com

On the front area, we can see the revised bumper, bigger air curtains, and also the quad daytime (running) lights which have become the signature style of Porsche. The latter comes with the rounded unit. You can also see the newly disguised C-pillar. This design suggests a completely new model. Porsche is known to be rarely changing their (crucial) sheet metal for facelift, so when they change the C-pillars, it means that they are quite serious.

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What about the rear area? If you take a look at the quad exhaust system, it would be the same with Panamera Turbo variant. This is definitely an improved look, and you can expect good results.

Interior Cabin

It’s difficult to see the inside of the Porsche Panamera 2024, especially since it’s heavily covered. However, it also means that you can expect cabin updates. Porsche may not change the entire layout entirely, but it’s possible that they are thinking about having similar design as Taycan with all the improved switchgear setup and better infotainment.

Powertrain and Performance

Porsche Panamera 2024
Source: autoevolution.com

There is no information about the Porsche Panamera 2024 powertrain as the company hasn’t released any official announcement about the Panamera. There is a possibility that it will retain and keep the V6 twin turbocharged unit with 2.9 liter capacity as well as the V8 twin turbocharged unit with 4.0 liter capacity. However, there is a possibility that Porsche would be using an e-hybrid turbo S for its top line trim. We should wait for Porsche’s confirmation.

Price and Release Date

There are some conflicting news about the launch date. Some sources stated that the new Porsche Panamera 2024 would be coming in 2023, but some stated that it would be released in 2024. What about the price? There is no information about it. But many have predicted that the new Panamera would cost more than the current model. The current model itself is £71,500, so you can imagine how much the new Panamera would cost you.

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We can’t really sure about the future of Porsche Panamera 2024, so we can’t really speculate. The best thing that we can do is to wait for further development of Porsche Panamera 2024.


Q: Is there a new Porsche Panamera coming out?

A: Given that the current Panamera debuted in 2017 and underwent a facelift as recently as 2020, we anticipate the third generation model to go on sale in 2024.

Q: Is Porsche going to discontinue the Panamera?

A: With the introduction of the electrified variant, Porsche does not expect to stop production of the current Panamera. According to Autocar, the manufacturer plans to update the gas model in 2023. Porsche intends to keep selling the Panamera of this generation until 2030, according to corporate sources.

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