Mercedes Vito 2024 and New Future Appealing Design

Based on the production timeline, the Mercedes Vito 2024 would start production in 2023 and it would include updates and upgrades. The company believes that the new Mercedes Vito 2024 or eVito LVCs is ready for some facelift work, so they are going to do it together with the updated EQV/V-class passenger sibling. It should be exciting to see what kind of updates would be coming for the Mercedes Vito 2024, considering that it’s a pretty basic passenger van that needs some significant update.

About the Vito

The current Mercy Vito (in other markets, it may be called the Metris) is the third gen vehicle since 2014. The vehicle got mild refresh in 2020, but it didn’t change the entire look of the LCV. That’s why Mercy has decided that they are going to do some major updates for the Mercedes Vito 2024 model. The idea is to make the van stay attractive and appealing, keeping updates for several years ahead.

The Updated Vito

Mercedes Vito 2024

There have been several spy shots of the Mercedes Vito 2024, wearing light camo in the street of Germany. The spy images happened several weeks after the (facelifted) EQV made its spy debut too. The Mercedes Vito 2024 was only lightly covered, with the headlights, tailgate portion, taillights, and front bumper being covered. It seems that the company believes that only those parts require serious improvement.

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From the camo, it’s highly possible that the Vito would get a new front bumper that has different intake shape. The van would likely also get new headlight graphics and revised grille. If it does, then the Vito would be closer to the current design language of the company. If you take a closer look, you will see that the Vito has this unchanged profile with Mercy’s signature character lines. From visual stand point, the Vito would be different from the V-class.

The Interior Cabin

The updates would also take place on the inside of Mercedes Vito 2024 because the prototype model had covered cabin. It’s difficult to see what happens on the inside. There is a possibility that the Mercedes Vito 2024 will take inspirations from the updated EQV, which gets new (digital) cockpit, reshaped climate vents, and new instrument cluster with digital mechanism. The biggest change would focus on new MBUX infotainment technology.

Powertrain and Performance

Mercedes Vito 2024

The updates won’t only happen on the physical aspects, but also for the powertrain. The current Vito is running on diesel units with 1.7 liter as well as 2.0 liter capacity. The plans for the updates haven’t been known, but they would be done to meet emission regulations that are getting stricter. The eVito, on the other hand, would still be coming as the full electric model having li-ion 90 kWh battery that is able to generate 201 hp with front layout.

Price and Release Date

Mercedes Vito 2024

When should the new Mercedes Vito 2024 or eVito be ready for its grandeur debut? It should take place in the following year, in 2023, which will happen together with the debut of EQV/V-class variant. The exact date is still unknown but it’s likely in the middle of the year; if not closer to the end. There is no information for the price, so we’d better wait for further information about the Mercedes Vito 2024.

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Q: Is there a new Mercedes Vito coming out?

A: The facelifted Mercedes-Benz Vito / eVito and the facelifted V-Class / EQV (passenger versions) range are anticipated to go on sale sometime in 2019.

Q: Is a Vito a good buy?

A: The Vito is a high-quality product, but it has always had trouble convincing UK van purchasers that it is worth more money than the competition. The most recent model reduces the price differential with its competitors, making it a superb option if you value comfort, refinement, technology, and a generally upscale appearance.

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