An Upcoming Lexus IS 2024 with Impressive Changes

Lexus IS 2024 is a type of luxury sedan with lots of exterior and interior design changes. 2024 BMW 3 Series and Audi A4 2024 model are the best rivals for Lexus IS 2024. Their latest generation has received many improvements. In this way, Lexus IS 2024 model will have an attractive design due to a facelift on the front. Meanwhile, the interior updates are also built with a premium material to provide sturdiness and comfort.

Below are the things we know so far about Lexus IS 2024 model which is almost the same with Lexus IS 2024 300 model.


Lexus IS 2024

Noted to be the same with the current model, the car’s prototype shows that the car exterior looks fresh and luxurious due to the decorated front display and new bi-LED headlights. These parts are also combined with the daytime running lights to provide beauty for the large spindle front grille.

The luxurious exterior can also be recognized through the rain-sensing windshield wiper feature. An 18-inch alloy wheels colored in metallic decorate the sides while the LED taillights have a blade-style fill the space at the rear.

These are the interior changes you may see on Lexus IS 2024 300. It is expected that LEXUS IS 2024 will have the same exterior designs.


Lexus IS 2024

Once you enter the cabin, you’ll find it spacious. The design is much glorious since it is wrapped in the best quality materials. The Lexus IS 2024 300 interior appears sporty and fresher than that of the previous version. The dashboard comes with the large infotainment screen in term of a touch screen. This feature is responsively easy to use though you are driving.

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Although the dashboard is more striking and contemporary than before, we were disappointed by some of the cabin’s materials, such as the plastic on the center console and the lighter-colored faux woodgrain. On the other hand, the combination of heftier components on the dash and the fabric door inserts meet the standards for luxury.

Compared to Lexus IS 2024 interior, some excellent features are added including the dual-zone automatic climate control, lane-tracking assistance, power-adjustable front seats, and dynamic radar cruise control.

Lexus IS 2024 has a concept that offers an 8-inch touchscreen interface for easy touch and a 10.3-inch screen that you can optionally choose based on your personal preference. The infotainment system is well-integrated with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and Amazon Alexa features.


Lexus IS 2024 redesign offers the use of similar engine, a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder. This engine is considered enough to deliver 241 horsepower impressively and 258-lb ft of torque. This engine will go with an 8-speed automatic transmission.

Other engine option offered by Lexus IS 2024 model is a 3.5-liter V6 four-pot engine. This engine is notably capable of delivering 260 horsepower and 236-lb-ft of torque. This engine can even go with a six-speed automatic transmission along with the paddle shifters.

Price and Release Date

Lexus IS 2024

Lexus IS 2024 price hasn’t been announced yet but the estimation states that the price won’t be different from the current model. The base model of Lexus IS 2024 will approximately cost $40,000 while the Lexus IS 300 is priced at $42,000.

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In contrast, the competitors will cost higher. They are 2024 BMW 3 Series that can cost around $42,500 for the base model. Meanwhile, the 2024 Genesis G70 will predictably cost around $37,000.

All of the information on this page is unofficial, however after the formal debut, the official specs, features, and Lexus IS Price in Europe will be updated.


Q: Is Lexus going to redesign the IS?

A: The IS of today made its debut in 2014, and a complete makeover is currently anticipated. For the time being, Lexus has dotted Enkei and BBS wheels throughout the portfolio, unveiled a paint scheme for the IS line that has never been used before, and revealed a new version of the IS 350 for 2023.

Q: Is Lexus coming out with a new car?

A: This is the Lexus of the future for people who won’t compromise. The brand-new 2023 RX has undergone a thorough redesign to present an unwavering vision of luxury. And the first-ever RX F SPORT Performance is designed to increase thrills even further.

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