2024 Toyota Hilux’s Fantastic All-Inclusive Speculation

The reports currently state that 2024 Toyota Hilux will be the eight generation that will probably come by 2024. Since 2004, the Japanese car manufacturer keeps developing small cars every few years. As a medium-sized horse, Toyota Hilux is ready for the new design and believe it or not.

The new model of 2024 Toyoda Hilux has been launched recently. It is a medium size pickup truck with 4 wheel drive system. It is available in two variants i.e. Vigo and Dingo. Both these models come with different features and specifications.

No matter the case, this new model will likely have a modern body-channel design named TNGA-F. Meanwhile, the F1 will share the North American market with Takoma Transport, Prado, and Lexus.

Check out the speculation about Toyota Hilux 2024 model in our description as follows:

2024 Toyota Hilux Style

2024 Toyota Hilux
Source: toyotacarsmodels.com

Though it is still unclearly speculated, Toyota Hilux with 2024 model is predicted to have front-end style regarded as a suitable mascara. It will use a cold tail light on the back without anyone knows how a medium-sized car looks like but the Toyota only.

2024 Toyota Hilux Interior

2024 Toyota Hilux
Source: toyotacarsmodels.com

2024 Toyota Hilux redesigned is estimated to have LCD 300, screen, instrument panel, central console, switchboard and dashboard which are all the same with the current model. In any case, Toyota Hilux may come with more fragments and pieces in the Gene Three Tundra than the V6 powered sports vehicle.

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2024 Toyota Hilux Engine

Both Hilux and Tacoma engines are noticeably getting lower-end. The both vehicles choose V6 for more efficiency. The range-topping powerplant is estimated to be similar to the 2022 Toyota Tundra iForce Max along with the superior low-down and work-related capability using the two bolt horns and a data-assisted V6. These cars will also eliminate the use of outgoing 10-speed.

Lucky enough, the Japanese car manufacturer will be pleased to get deal with GR Hilux. It can even be the go-faster variant inspired by the Dakar Rally winner racing car. Considering the South African bakkie craze which largely uses a diesel, Toyota Hilux will keep supplying V66 fuel. This will make the vehicle more modern and powerful to be the next generation.

2024 Toyota Hilux
Source: toyotacarsmodels.com

Recent report by Australian’s website Carsales.com.au, the next Toyota Hilux in 2024 model will be available in the upcoming Lexus and Land Cruiser 300 with 3.5liter twin turbo V6 engine. In the next application, this engine will be paired with a 10-speed automatic gearbox.

On the other hand, the GR Hilux is expected to release the first Land Cruiser 300 SUV using the new 3.3liter V6 turbid. This way, the engine is expected to be able to generate 230 kW and 687 kW.

2024 Toyota Hilux Release Time

According to Carsels, the next Hilux will probably be released at 2024 or 2025. The model will be built around Toyota’s upgraded ladder frame called TNGA-F. This model will predictable strengthen the Land Cruiser we have mentioned above. This means, the car will be just compatible with the new V6 power stations for the Toyota Hilux 2024.

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If we trackback, The starting price of the new 2023 Toyota Hilux is presently close to $30,000. About $35,000 will be spent on a hybrid version, while the GR version will be much more pricey. Toyota will release the Hilux pickup truck in the coming summer.

Finally, we may conclude that 2024 Toyota Hilux will come in 2024 with the modern look. Based on the speculation, the major changes would be on the style, interior and engine. Well, you will surely get the exact details when it is just close to the on-sale date. So keep waiting!


Q: Is Toyota bringing out a new Hilux?

A: September 6: The redesigned 2023 Toyota HiLux Rogue will continue to cost $70,200 before on-road expenses when it debuts in local stores the following month.

Q: What year is the Back to the Future Hilux?

A: According to the experts over on the devoted Fandom wiki, the vehicle used in the movies that is now most famously known as Marty McFly’s Pickup was a 1985 Toyota Hilux Pickup Deluxe 44 Xtracab loaded with the 22R-E 2.4 liter four-cylinder EFI engine.

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