Awesome Electric-Planned: Ford Puma 2024 That Will Finally Come

Ford Puma 2024 is finally announced to come. What a good news!

The announcement has officially announced by Ford, surprising all SUV enthusiasts. In this way, Ford Puma 2024 model will probably use the base model of all Puma. However, there should be some changes added to enhance the vehicle’s performance and make it look different with the other version.

On this article, we would focus on how will Ford Puma 2024 electrification.


Ford Puma 2024

Ford Puma 2024 model will bring a new design in the Puma lineup. The redesign will actually include both the interior and exterior parts, engine, electrification and other parts of the vehicle. it is likely that Ford Puma 20204 model will be coming as the world’s electric car.

New capability is also noted due to the use of zero tailpipe emissions, allowing the car for driving into a limited locations like London’s Ultra Low Emission Zone and Bristol’s Clean Air Zone. This way, the vehicle needs no charging when driven.


20204 Ford Puma is still arguably about entering the vehicle’s electrification. In these recent years, Ford Puma is predicted to be one of the world’s best-selling cars like other model from Fiesta and Focus. Puma has also more gradual transition to battery power, making it understandable.

In these times, American company will add electric models to the line-up, as we have mentioned. The addition on the electric models is following the other company in their Mustang Mach-E SUV that is listed on “Weekend Wheels”.

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Price and Release Date

There isn’t any information confirmed about the price yet. However, it is predicted that the price is usually higher than the current model. This means that you should prepare your budget well if you are interested in purchasing this car.

When will the car be available?

Ford Puma 2024 is estimated to be available soon. Well, it is unclear about the exact time when the vehicle be available. However, based on some sources, the electrified Ford Puma will be ready in all online showroom at cinch.


In relation to electrification, the Ford Puma 2024 especially for the EV version will use battery packs that consist of LFP cells. They are the iron-based cells that are considered cheaper. Safer and more long-lasting. It seems, this battery is an affordable technology option that the car use to be one of the world’s electric cars.

Ford Puma Sale

Ford Puma 2024

The Puma handily outsold the Fiesta, which slid out of the top ten, to become Ford’s eighth best-selling vehicle in the UK last year. Last year, the sale was greatly achieved as the example has successfully sold more than 130,000. These example cars were produced in 2019 offering the first mild-hybrid powertrains. Thus, it is also expected that the 2024 model will reach the top sale, too.

In Europe, Ford anticipates selling more than 600,000 EVs yearly by 2026. Over a six-year period, the corporation plans to produce 1.2 million electric vehicles at the Ford Cologne Electrification Centre. With a USD 2 billion investment, it will rebuild the Cologne factory into an EV plant and start producing passenger EVs there in late 2023.

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Today, Ford announces that they will launch the next six electric models by 2024 that include two more cars and four commercial ones which one of them is Ford Puma 2024.

Now we can conclude that the Ford Puma 2024 will actually come as an electric vehicle. If you are expecting an electric vehicle to be your vehicle in the future, this car might be your suitable choice.

Gallery of Awesome Electric-Planned: Ford Puma 2024 That Will Finally Come