Don’t Expect the Prestigious 2024 Ford Edge to Come

You shouldn’t wait for the upcoming 2024 Ford Edge because there won’t be any. In fact, the company has confirmed that the 2024 Edge would be the last one before they discontinue it. Ford has their own reasons to do such a thing despite the SUV selling well. Despite its reputation as one of the most popular products made by the company, Edge needs to shift to the new tech for the long-run production and success.

The Ford Edge is leaving the United States, but China will get a new model of Ford Edge 2024 in 2024. The 2.0L EcoBoost and Hybrid engines are expected. This is a 3-Row utility, similar to the current Chinese Edge. Despite the loss of the Edge, this will serve as the foundation for the 2024 Lincoln Nautilus, which will be imported from China in December 2023. The new Nautilus will be powered by the same 2.0L and Hybrid engines as the current model. These are C2 platforms, which are easily the most prolific and adaptable Ford platforms ever.

The all-new 2024 Ford Edge will arrive in showrooms this fall. It’s the first vehicle in Ford’s lineup that has been completely redesigned since 2010. The new 2024 Ford Edge has a stylish look with a sleek design and an aerodynamic shape. Its exterior is made up of a combination of aluminum and steel, giving it a sporty appearance.

Edge and Electrification

2024 Ford Edge

The segment for electric vehicle is booming, and it has become one of the most demanded sectors in the industry. That’s why more EVs are coming. Ford is quite ambitious when it comes to electrification. In fact, it has a huge plan related to electrification, for the near future and also for the long-term scheme.

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Aside from launching impressive EVs such as the F-150 Lightning and Mustang Mach-E, Ford won’t stop there. However, it means that they need to let go their conventional and gas powered rides to enable them taking the EV route. With the emission regulation getting stricter and the awareness of eco-friendly lifestyle is increasing, Ford needs to do something fast or they would be left behind.

From 2025 forward, Ford plans on releasing EVs only, which means that they need to make transitions and changes. In the past, Ford has cut off the Ford Flex (which was produced at Oakville manufacturing plant) alongside Lincoln MKT. In 2020, Ford confirmed that they would discontinue the Edge at their Canada’s Oakville Assembly Complex. It means that they aren’t going to produce Edge again after the 2023 model. The current SUV is on the second gen, and initially, the third gen should arrive in 2023. But such a thing will never happen, so no third gen Edge or whatsoever.

It’s Too Expensive

2024 Ford Edge

It’s too bad that the 2024 Ford Edge will never see the light of day, but there are reasonable reasons for it. Despite its popularity and reliability, producing various products within a single plant would be too costly. Ford Edge is made in Oakville Assembly Complex, together with Lincoln Nautilus. When Ford signed up agreement with Canadian union Uniform, they planned on manufacturing 5 new EVs, starting from 2025. In the agreement, the EVs would be made at Oakville plant – the same plant producing Edge and Nautilus. It would be too expensive to make 3 products altogether. Not to mention that it will hinder the company’s electrification plan.

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That’s why Ford decides that they are going to make the Oakville plant a dedicated plant to make EVs only. Unfortunately, it means that fans need to say goodbye to both Nautilus and Edge. However, Edge isn’t gone completely. Edge is only gone for the US market because it is still made in Changan Assembly Plant in China and available for the country’s market. It’s unclear whether the (Chinese) Edge would be made available in North America because there is no decision about it yet. However, the faith of 2024 Ford Edge is clear – there won’t be any of it.

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