2024 Toyota Prius

2024 Toyota Prius Promising Performance

What’s the next plan for 2024 Toyota Prius? When the 2012 Prius was launched, it was designed as the ‘cheaper version’ of Prius, having a tag price from $21,500 to $23,000 within subcompact hybrid section. Two trims are offered, with four cylinder unit of 1.5 liter capacity is paired with one electric motor to generate …

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2024 Toyota Alphard

Toyota Alphard 2024 The Luxury Breadbox with Improvement

It’s unclear whether Toyota Alphard 2024 would be exclusively set as the 2024 model or earlier. Previously, the company had a plan to release the 2022 Alphard, which should have taken place sometime in 2021. But it seems that they are experiencing a bit of delay, resulting in the (supposed to) launch time in 2021 …

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2024 Toyota Avensis

2024 Toyota Avensis New and Elegant

A lot of people are excited with the news that there would be a 2024 Toyota Avensis model, and it’s in the middle of production. For them, the fact that there would be a new 2024 Toyota Avensis is a music to their ear, considering the vehicle’s performance and abilities. If everything goes as planned, …

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2024 Toyota Tundra

New 2024 Toyota Tundra Being Ready

Although it is said that 2024 Toyota Tundra won’t be coming with V8 unit, the company is confident enough to make one for the future upcoming model. After all, Tundra is known for its back-to-back chassis and impressive driving performance, which makes most people stay loyal as fans. In short, Tundra has never disappointed true …

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Toyota Yaris 2024

The Exclusive Toyota Yaris 2024 Upcoming Future Plan

Unfortunately, there is no confirmation or news about Toyota Yaris 2024. In case you don’t know it, Yaris is the smallest ride (from Toyota) that is released in Australia and Asia. It is categorized as the light and small car segment, which is having a ‘threat’ because of the increasing SUV sales. In Australia alone, …

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2024 Toyota Corolla

Great Expectation from New 2024 Toyota Corolla

It shouldn’t be surprising if the new 2024 Toyota Corolla is said to be one of the promising products to release in the future. As Corolla is known as one of the safest, most reliable, and most affordable rides, it’s only logical if Corolla’s fans remain solid and undisturbed. There are several changes that may …

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2024 Toyota Supra

The New Futuristic 2024 Toyota Supra for US Market

Rumor has it that Toyota is planning a new 2024 Toyota Supra, which means that the company revives one of its best sport rides again. It’s said that Toyota would still maintain the old nature under a new appearance and look. The biggest 2024 Toyota Supra change may likely take place under the hood, where …

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2024 Toyota Prado

The Promising 2024 Toyota Prado Hybrid

If you want the modern and completely sophisticated future ride, then 2024 Toyota Prado hybrid may be the perfect option for you. The company has confirmed that new type of Prado (most likely hybrid or electric combination) won’t be happening until 2024. So, if you want the regular 2024 Toyota Prado BEFORE 2024, you can …

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2024 Toyota Sienna

2024 Toyota Sienna: A Stunning SUV-Look-Alike Minivan

If you want to have a functional minivan that looks like an SUV, then 2024 Toyota Sienna may be the perfect pick for you. It’s punchy. It’s stylish. It offers good performance, and it is definitely coming with many refreshments and (impressive) changes. The minivan itself has soft ride, beautiful in style, and also offers …

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Toyota Rush 2024

Toyota Rush 2024: The Future of a Attractive Compact SUV

The new Toyota Rush 2024 is coming as a crossover SUV (the compact one) with spacious interior cabin. As if it weren’t enough, it also comes with four-cylinder unit and a stylish design. This new model is especially introduced for Indonesian auto market, coming with better features, better technologies, and bigger exterior appearance. However, many …

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