2025 Toyota Highlander

2025 Toyota Highlander: The Impressive Updated Perks!

The upcoming 2025 Toyota Highlander would get some significant updates, along with the possibility of new petrol unit. Features across various trim levels would also be improved, which involves bigger multimedia screen. The Highlander has become one of the most likable and favorite SUVs from the company, and Toyota wants to make sure that it …

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2025 Toyota MR2

Will The Stunning 2025 Toyota MR2 Ever Be Coming?

Will there be any 2025 Toyota MR2? There have been many sources saying that the MR2 will be coming in 2025 as a new 2025 Toyota MR2 model, but the ‘prediction’ may be a bit off. Toyota wants to make a new successor to the previously popular MR2. However, the MR2 had been priced as …

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2025 Toyota Corolla

2025 Toyota Corolla: Great Update Expectation

The upcoming 2025 Toyota Corolla would be coming with update sand improvements. Some of the improvements may affect the price factor although the new model is said to come with better CO2 arrangement and emission. Although the company hasn’t provided the detailed information about their upcoming 2025 Toyota Corolla production, it doesn’t hurt to learn …

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2025 Toyota Tacoma

2025 Toyota Tacoma Sadly Production Delay

It’s highly possible that the 2025 Toyota Tacoma would finally be released as the 2025 Toyota Tacoma model rather than the 2024 year model. The 2025 Toyota Tacoma delay is possibly happening because there are many things that happen that ‘forces’ the company to postpone their Tacoma production. The Updated Plan It’s quite unfortunate that …

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2025 Toyota RAV4

Stunning 2025 Toyota RAV4 Shockingly Confirmed

The new 2025 Toyota RAV4 is said to be ready and available at dealerships in 2025 – at least for the Australian auto market. After all, this 2025 Toyota RAV4 model is the most popular SUV in the country and also one of the top selling hybrid vehicles there. It means that we should wait …

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2025 Toyota 4Runner

2025 Toyota 4Runner Possible Cool Updates

There have been some of the newest updates for the 2025 Toyota 4Runner GR. There have been several images of the new 2025 Toyota 4Runner with updated look and definitely a new appearance. If you see the images, you probably think that the new 2025 Toyota 4Runner may look like the smaller Sequoia SUV – …

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2024 Toyota Prius

2024 Toyota Prius Promising Performance

What’s the next plan for 2024 Toyota Prius? When the 2012 Prius was launched, it was designed as the ‘cheaper version’ of Prius, having a tag price from $21,500 to $23,000 within subcompact hybrid section. Two trims are offered, with four cylinder unit of 1.5 liter capacity is paired with one electric motor to generate …

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2024 Toyota Alphard

Toyota Alphard 2024 Luxury Breadbox With Improvement

It’s unclear whether Toyota Alphard 2024 would be exclusively set as the 2024 model or earlier. Previously, the company had a plan to release the 2022 Alphard, which should have taken place sometime in 2021. But it seems that they are experiencing a bit of delay, resulting in the (supposed to) launch time in 2021 …

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2024 Toyota Avensis

2024 Toyota Avensis New and Elegant

A lot of people are excited with the news that there would be a 2024 Toyota Avensis model, and it’s in the middle of production. For them, the fact that there would be a new 2024 Toyota Avensis is a music to their ear, considering the vehicle’s performance and abilities. If everything goes as planned, …

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2024 Toyota Tundra

New 2024 Toyota Tundra Being Ready

Although it is said that 2024 Toyota Tundra won’t be coming with V8 unit, the company is confident enough to make one for the future upcoming model. After all, Tundra is known for its back-to-back chassis and impressive driving performance, which makes most people stay loyal as fans. In short, Tundra has never disappointed true …

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