2024 Honda EV

Electric 2024 Honda EV SUV with A Stunning and Timeless Design

It is sad to know that Honda is late to enter the market. However, a first all-electric SUV is already on the track of Japanese automakers. In general, the 2024 Honda EV SUV is a result of collaboration with General Motors. The short-lived Honda EV Plus was Honda’s first electric vehicle (EV) to be sold …

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2024 Honda Accord

The Luxurious 2024 Honda Accord Redesign

Welcome to Honda review that is now focused on revealing 2024 Honda Accord Redesign. Honda Accord 2024 model is an eleventh-generation in the Honda enthusiasts’ waiting list. So, let’s thank to the design rendering that appears earlier this year. How accurate the redesign estimation and expectation depend on how we reveal the model. In this …

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2024 Honda S2000

Imagine the Best 2024 Honda S2000 Speedster Design

Have you heard the last rumors about 2024 Honda S2000 that will come with the speedster design? As all people know, the car is considering a brand-new roadster for 2024 model with the canvas-top sports look and electric power train.  There is more to imagine dealing with the 2024 model of Honda S2000 including the …

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2024 Honda Accord

The Rich-Featured 2024 Honda Accord That Is Sweet To Drive

If you are a fan of Honda, you must be anticipating the must-awaited 2024 Honda Accord, won’t you? It is actually an excellent all-around midsize sedan that is not only mainstream but also sweet to drive. It is the sportiest car model you can exactly buy soon.  In this article, you will be enriched with …

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Honda Jazz 2024

The New Honda Jazz 2024 Marvelous Plans

What should be expected from Honda Jazz 2024? Known as Honda Fit in North America, it seems that the compact hatch doesn’t experience any significant recognition of popularity since then. However, Honda Jazz remains one as the most popular hatches in other auto markets in the world. The Fit in America itself has been discontinued …

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2024 Honda Passport

2024 Honda Passport Latest Development for Stunning Model

What’s the plan with the new 2024 Honda Passport? As a new line within the midsize SUV lineup, Passport tries to offer many promising features and performance, such as massive interior cabin and punchy powertrain. Designed as a midsize ride sitting between the Pilot and the CRV has made the Passport seems promising. But since …

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2024 Honda Prelude

2024 Honda Prelude: The Attractive Prologue Electric-version

Based on many sources and rumors, the upcoming 2024 Honda Prelude is actually the EV version of Prologue. So, if you are already familiar with the Prologue and you have been expecting the ride to have an elevated look and performance, you should be ready for the Prelude. There have been several sketches showing the …

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2024 Honda HRV

The Exceptional 2024 Honda HRV Great Expectation

It is said that pragmatics would be completely appealed by the performance of 2024 Honda HRV. The ride has impressive combination of innovative load hauling abilities, practical interior, and simple (but gorgeous) look. Not to mention that Honda is able to come up with clever design to tackle the second row folding system. Whereas other …

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Honda Fit 2024

The Excitement of Upcoming Honda Fit 2024 Redesigned Plans

The new Honda Fit 2024 is said to probably coming with redesigned work. Keep in mind that the Fit nameplate can be different in different markets. In some markets, the Fit is known as Honda Jazz. In case you don’t know it, Honda Fit is the name for a compact and small ride designed for …

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2024 Honda CRV

The Prestigious of 2024 Honda CRV with Attractive Electric Juice

There have been rumors about the so-called 2024 Honda CRV getting some electrification work. Again, they are rumors, but considering that many of the auto manufacturers are switching to electric power (with the belief that it’s the future or the industry and it’s going to be eco-friendlier move), it’s quite understandable if many have started …

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