2024 Ford Fusion

2024 Ford Fusion Impressive Production and Launch

Is there going to be 2024 Ford Fusion? It seems like it. Ford Authority stated that Ford Fusion would be coming to the global markets as a crossover, and that statement took place in 2019 when the Fusion just stopped production. After the statement, in October 2019, an early body parts prototype had been spotted, …

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2024 Ford Ranger

2024 Ford Ranger for The Amazing Experience

It’s highly likely that 2024 Ford Ranger will get its electrified technology, following the emission regulations and targets. After all, the auto industry is looking at futuristic electric technology, and legislation has been created to meet those requirements. That’s why many auto productions are now targeting at either hybrid power or the electric vehicles. It’s …

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2024 Ford Expedition

New Bundle for 2024 Ford Expedition Limited Trim

Rumor has it that the upcoming 2024 Ford Expedition would be coming as a bundle. According to some sources, the 2024 Ford Expedition would be offered as the ‘package deal’ and it is focused on the Limited trim. Moreover, the bundle offer stands for both Expedition and also Expedition Max. The company has done the …

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2024 Ford Raptor

The Magnificent 2024 Ford Raptor

There is no information about 2024 Ford Raptor; whether it’s coming to production or whether the company would skip it and move on to the following year’s model. But for now, it seems that they are taking small steps and they don’t want to rush things. For now, it has just been confirmed that the …

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2024 Ford Escape

2024 Ford Escape with New Design and Style

Everyone knows that Escape is a good ride but be ready for your mind to be blown away with promising plans of 2024 Ford Escape. The 2024 Ford Escape model is said to undergo significant changes. Keep in mind that Escape has been one of the best Ford products with stylish design and impressive performance. …

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2024 Ford Lightning

Will It Be A Stunning 2025 or 2024 Ford Lightning?

There are many uncertain things concerning rumors of 2024 Ford Lightning. This first electric F-150 truck hasn’t been available for sales, and yet there have been rumors about the second gen of the Lightning. According to reports and updates, Ford wants to have around 160,000 annual units production for the Lightning. Moreover, there are still …

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2024 Ford Maverick

2024 Ford Maverick: The Impressive Carryover Goodness

The plan to produce 2024 Ford Maverick has been done, but production is still on the go. Many sources have confirmed that the model of 2024 Ford Maverick will likely be a carryover, meaning that it will continue using the same style and design from the previous model. Don’t expect significant or too many changes, …

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2024 Ford Thunderbird

2024 Ford Thunderbird Massive Rumors of Returning

Although there have been many rumors concerning the comeback of Thunderbird, and the possibility of the manufacturing of 2024 Ford Thunderbird, there is still no official release or confirmation about the iconic ride. The return of the thunderbird would be interesting if there is a 2024 model for the 2024 Ford Thunderbird, but we can’t …

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2024 Ford Edge

Don’t Expect the Prestigious 2024 Ford Edge to Come

You shouldn’t wait for the upcoming 2024 Ford Edge because there won’t be any. In fact, the company has confirmed that the 2024 Ford Edge would be the last one before they discontinue it. Ford has their own reasons to do such a thing despite the SUV selling well. Despite its reputation as one of …

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2024 Ford Taurus

The Stunning 2024 Ford Taurus: Will It Be Made or Not?

Although there is no official confirmation about the upcoming 2024 Ford Taurus, or whether there would be a new production for one, many sources have stated that the ride is coming. The future and modern vehicle is said to undergo testing stage. However, whether the 2024 Ford Taurus would be on schedule or not is …

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