2025 BMW I8 Powerful Specification Expectation

The current i8 hasn’t been released yet but BMW luckily has a plan to present 2025 BMW i8 which will be updated with the significant improvement on performance. The concept was proved in 2019 model and the next generation will receive a major change in driving range, power, updated styling and more.

2025 BMW i8 will have more aggressive angles, lower stance and aerodynamics due to to the use of 2.0liter hybrid V6 engine.

Now what would you like to know about this 2025 model?

2025 BMW i8 Interior

The 2025 BMW i8 interior is equipped with the luxury seats available in many different options to suit your preference and comfortability. Both the front and rear seat are covered by the fabric supplied by the factory. However, you can opt for waterproof PU leather custom car seat, four-seasons luxurious waterproof car seat, 9D universal car seat, and more other options for your comfort.

2025 BMW i8 Exterior

2025 BMW I8
Source: caranddriver.com

Much like other BMW series, i8 in 2025 model will look very glamorous due to the dark mirror and glossy surface of the body parts. Simple but elegant and luxury is the two words describing the 2025 model of BMW i8.


Will 2025 BMW i8 be all-electric? There isn’t any information confirmed yet about it. However, other sources mention that BMW is eager to have 25 electric cars including the hybrid version, plug-in hybrid and even pure electric by 2025 in the global market.

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According to Henrik Wigermo, the Head of Governmenta; Affair ASIA BMW Group, BMW is preparing to launch electric version. However, he needs to take more time for the vehicle electrification. He needs also a strong policy to consistently socialize the electric cars to the consumers. Further, vehicle’s electrification is different from countries to countries.

BMW should also think about how far the car will be able to drive, where and how long to fill up the energy. In GIIAS 2018, BMW already introduced its electric-vehicle, BMW i8 Roadster, which was equipped with 34Ah battery to deliver 11.6 kWh. This makes the car able to go up to 100 km per hours only in 4.6 seconds.

In comparison, the 2026 model is claimed to go up to 62 miles supported by its 11.6kWh battery pack.


2025 BMW I8
Source: caranddriver.com

It is still unknown how 2025 BMW i8 will look like in details, making it hard to predict how much the vehicle will be priced. However, it is expected that the car will be offered in thousand million and even billion.

Infotainment and Connectivity

Considering that 2025 BMW i8 is still years to come, it is likely that infotainment and connectivity features will receive lots of changes. Several glass screens and a head-up display are predicted to be added to the model. However, other details may be opened up when it is close to the model’s release date.

Overall, 2025 BMW i8 is still on an expectation. There isn’t much information released about it yet unless it is close to the release date. Let’s just wait and see then.

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Q: Will BMW i8 come back?

A: For the 2026 model year, the i8 M—or whatever name BMW chooses for its upcoming hybrid sports car—will be completely new. When the automobile goes on sale, which is anticipated to be sometime in 2025 as a 2026 model, we hope to learn more.

Q: Will there be a replacement for BMW i8?

A: as opposed to the previous 1.5-liter, three-cylinder turbocharged BMW i8 variant. The brand-new BMW I8 M concept is anticipated to include a turbocharged four-cylinder engine, while little else about the engine has been disclosed.

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