2024 Mercedes E Class Delayed Launch

It seems that the original plan to debut 2024 Mercedes E Class before 2022 ends has to be postponed because the company doesn’t seem to be done with the testing stage or such thing alike. The company continuously testing their midsize models on (public) roads, somewhat showing us the facts that they haven’t done completely with their development. There is even a new video showing the 2024 Mercedes E Class going through another testing stage among German traffic.

The Spy Images

2024 Mercedes E Class
Source: autoevolution.com

The black prototype was seen undergoing the testing stage. From the distant image, we somewhat believe that this 2024 Mercedes E Class is almost complete. Although it’s still covered with camo on the front fascia as well as the rear end, you can tell that the overall design and look seem to be (almost) finished. There is a sense that the front design seems to be done. Even within the unfinished look, the 2024 Mercedes E Class still looks stylish and good looking.

Based on the spy photos, it seems that 2024 Mercedes E Class updates would also take place on the interior. Expect to find big and wide center screen on the dashboard. This kind of layout is similar to the EQE. Features and technologies would definitely improve although it’s unclear of what kind of updates would be done to them. With the improved exterior aspect of the 2024 Mercedes E Class, the interior would get the same treatment to boost comfort and function.

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Design and Style

In terms of design, it seems that the new 2024 Mercedes E Class would have a more dynamic appearance, with a more sloped roofline. It’s possible that the company designers feel that the E-class needs to get a sportier look. The new 2024 Mercedes E Class model is constructed on rear wheel MRA architecture that can take a huge advantage of weight savings.

Powertrain and Performance

The platform isn’t exactly designed for battery electric units although there is a possibility of electrified unit, which also covers E 63 (from AMG). It’s possible that the E 63 may be running on V8 hybrid unit, which was also utilized within the 2023 four door GT 63S coupe E Performance, which can deliver 843 hp and even 1,033 Nm of torque. However, rumor has it that the E 63 may experience a downside with four cylinder unit (like the one happened to C 63) combined with turbo four 2.0 liter capacity with hybrid system.

Release Date and Price

2024 Mercedes E Class
Source: autoevolution.com

Let’s not forget that Mercy has their own commitment in electrification. They want to have a full lineup of electrics before 2030. They also just released the EQE electric vehicle in 2023. It may likely mean that we are looking at the last model of E-class that has combustion units.

There would be a redesigned (E-class) wagon too with all terrain and regular styles. If you are looking for the two door variants of the E-class, be ready to lose them. The company is planning on focusing on CLE-class that will replace both the E-class and also C-class (convertible and coupe) models. The information is very limited as there is no official confirmation about the price or launch date. Hopefully, more updates of 2024 Mercedes E Class would be available soon, before the official launch date.

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Q: Is there a new Mercedes E-class coming out?

A: In 2023, the next-generation Mercedes-Benz E-Class will debut with a variety of all-electric engines. The new E-Class, also known as W214 internally, continues an evolutionary route with development centered on platform, electric architecture, and engine improvements.

Q: When can I order a 2023 Mercedes E-class?

A: The base price of the 2023 Mercedes-Benz E-Class with destination is $56,800. You can order the midsize car right now. This fall, the E-Class is anticipated to reach showrooms. In 2023, the Genesis G80, Audi A6, BMW 5-Series, Lexus ES, and Volvo S90 will be Mercedes-rivals. Benz’s

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