2024 Lexus ES Remarkable Changes

2024 Lexus ES  will come with an impressive performance and high-quality interior. This model will also have a great redesign through the use of 2.5-liter 4-cylinder engine paired with an electric motor to deliver 215 horsepower and 163lb-ft of torque. This will lead the vehicle to enter the hybrid lineup.

Wondering what changes are made on the 2024 Lexus ES model? Here is what to check out:


2024 Lexus ES
Source: lexuscarusa.com

2024 Lexus ES exterior updates start from the appearance that looks fresher than the current version. The 2024 Lexus ES front part is equipped with updated bi-LED lights and grille design. The better performance is also due to the new 17-inch alloy wheels that help reduce the noise and vibration.

There are predictably some color options of 2024 Lexus ES that make the display appear more attractively. The headlights use Lexus 3-LED Headlights plus Adaptive High Beam as well as Adaptive Front Headlight System.


Like exterior, the interior of 2024 Lexus ES looks fresher due to the new features and technologies installation. This model is equipped with a 12.3-inch touch screen with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay capabilities. This touchscreen can be advanced to make it more accessible. Hence, the driver and the passengers can reach it.

Other 2024 Lexus ES interior updates consist of a rear seat control panel, a Mark Levinson premium audio system with 17 speakers and a side and rear sunshade. To add comfort to the cabin, there will be additions of Nanoe X Air purification system to dispel any bacteria and viruses. This system can also eliminate the unpleasant odors.

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Top-class materials are used to provide the best quality throughout the cabin. Some plastic materials are just soft to touch and having pleasing design. All of these features are added to the interior of 2024 Lexus ES to improve the driving experience.


2024 Lexus ES prioritizes comfort by managing its acceleration. However, the overall performance is well-managed and powered by a four-cylinder engine to accommodate 2.5liter. This engine is also paired with two electric motors to deliver 215 horsepower.

Though 2024 Lexus ES is not the fastest hybrid available out there, it will move well and fit any driving situations.

Safety Features

2024 Lexus ES
Source: lexuscarusa.com

It is necessarily important to know a car’s safety features, so that you can ensure your safety while driving the car on the street. In this way, the 2024 model redesign will get Lexus Safety System to provide prevention against unwanted situation dealing with the safety driving.

The safety features that a 2024 Lexus ES offers are Pre-collision system, lane tracing assist, lane keep assist and dynamic radar cruise control.

Price and Release Date

2024 Lexus ES
Source: lexuscarusa.com

2024 Lexus ES hasn’t said much about the pricing but many people expect that the price will stay the same with the current model. Though the price is typically based on the trim levels, the price is expected not to be different from that of the previous version.

2024 Lexus ES isn’t clear yet about when to arrive. However, the 2024 model of all cars are predictable to hit the market sometime in 2024. Just wait and see!

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