2024 KIA Seltos The Most Cool Stylish Car You’ll See

2024 KIA Seltos is predictable to have stylish design. The 2024 KIA Seltos style is fresh and attractive compared to the current model. The major changes are made on the interior, adding such values to enhance the vehicle’s performance.

Read out the following review to know what things make the 2024 KIA Seltos model looks so stylish:

New Changes on 2024 KIA Seltos

2024 KIA Seltos
Source: id.motor1.com

Images of the Seltos that Kia released for the Korean market demonstrate a new exterior and a revamped interior. Although we don’t yet know the specifics for the United States, we’re optimistic that comparable reforms will soon be arriving in North America. Since Kia already disclosed information about the largely carryover 2023 Seltos, we believe these improvements will arrive on our shores in 2024.

As mentioned, a refresh is added to 2024 KIA Seltos to meet everyone’s expectation. The changes are made both on the interior and exterior. Though the photos show that the changes of 2024 KIA Seltos are based on Korean-market model, the same design changes are also expected to make on North America’s Seltos.

The exterior elements that receive changes are the grilled and lighting which are updated and restyled. The new 2024 KIA Seltos wheels are also redesigned along with the rear light bar connecting the taillamps. For interior, infotainment panel is an element that will likely receive big changes. The traditional model on the current design will likely be replaced with a rotary controller.

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There isn’t any information yet about the powertrain’s update. However, it will be informed soon. Other sources will also share it as soon as KIA release it.


You may assume that 2024 KIA Seltos will have a very expensive price due to the styling overhaul. No, you are wrong! The 2024 KIA Seltos model will stay affordable. However, the price usually depends on the trim level you choose. If you want to get the trim levels of 2023 model, the price could be higher and reshuffle options will be possible.

2024 KIA Seltos is predicted to start the price from $25,000 to $28,000.


2024 KIA Seltos
Source: id.motor1.com

Mostly, interior is one of the vehicle’s elements that seems receiving major changes. For 2024 KIA Seltos model, the room inside is spacious both for people and cargo. The manufacturer absolutely uses the finest materials to create the comfortable cabin.

The standard interior lighting provides a good ambient. Based on the test-drive of the pre-facelift model, the cargo space will be able to accommodate suitcases, photo bag, and even backpacks. The test told that the car could bring eight carry-on suitcases in the cargo space and even 20 when the rear seats are folded. In this case, everyone expects that the 2024 KIA Seltos model will remain having this capability.

The photo spied also described that the 2024 KIA Seltos infotainment setup receives changes, too. The dashboard will serve as a digital gauge display and infotainment touchscreen. This arrangement is considered same with that of modern KIA models.

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Other features added to the Seltos’s interior include Apple CarPlay, SiriusXM satellite radio, on-board Wi-Fi hotspot and Android Auto. These are the connectivity features that also contributes to enhance the car’s performance.

Warranty and Maintenance

2024 KIA Seltos
Source: id.motor1.com

Thanks to the warranty and maintenance coverage that the manufacture provides. In details, the manufacturer offers a ten-year and 100.000-mile powertrain coverage on this model. The limited warranty is available for 5 years or 60,000 miles. Only Hyundai that will be the real rival for 2024 KIA Seltos this time.


Q: What is the waiting period for Kia Seltos?

A: Currently, depending on the variation and your local dealership, the wait time for a new Kia Seltos can last up to seven months.

Q: Is Seltos bigger than Sportage?

A: The Kia Sportage is larger than the Kia Seltos, right? In actuality, the Kia Sportage is smaller than the Kia Seltos. The two cars are seated in various size classes. One of these cars is likely to better suit your demands than the other, depending on your needs and those of your loved ones.

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