The Extraordinary 2024 Jeep Cherokee: Not Coming before 2025

It’s highly likely that there won’t be any 2024 Jeep Cherokee redesign, because the company won’t do any redesigned work (especially for their mid size SUV) until the middle of decade. According to Automotive News, the next gen Cherokee would be likely launch in 2025, and not before that. It’s too bad, considering that it would be around 10 years old before it gets the needed updates and refresh, and it would be too left behind when compared to the other competitors.

The new 2025 Jeep Cherokee will be built in Michigan at Chrysler Group LLC’s plant in Toledo, Ohio. The automaker plans to build the vehicle there starting in late 2017. The new 2024 Jeep Cherokee SUV will be powered by an electric motor with a lithium-ion battery pack. The system will provide up to 300 miles of driving range on a single charge. The company says the battery pack will be located under the floorboard, where it won’t interfere with cargo space.

The next gen Jeep Cherokee has been one America’s bestselling vehicles for decades. Now it’s time for an update. Jeep Cherokee refresh is required to sustain the quality of the car.

What to Expect from the Jeep Cherokee?

2024 Jeep Cherokee

It is expected that Jeep would launch their new all electric ride in 2023, and then it would be followed with the redesigned project for Renegade and Compass as the 2024 Jeep Cherokee model. The Renegade alone has got a 4xe plug-in hybrid variant for the current model, so the Renegade is come with electrified technology.

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Jeep is expanding the lineup from both of their ends. The new Grand 2024 Jeep Cherokee L was released in 2021, able to accommodate 7 people. The same year has seen several launches of Wagoneer as well as Grand Wagoneer SUV. Moreover, a light SUV has been planned to get into production state in 2022, in Poland. Jeep itself has teased their future electric models such as future Jeep Cherokee (two in fact!): One has Wagoneer look-alike model with rugged styling, while another one comes with smoother style, which is almost the same as Grand Cherokee, 2024 Jeep Cherokee.

Early Display and Presentation

The new style was revealed for Stellantis big STLA all electric architecture, with vary capable offroad ability, with more rugged look and appearance. Jeep hasn’t said anything detailed about their upcoming line, but it should be good. But it’s most likely that they will focus more on other variants other than the Cherokee.

2024 Jeep Cherokee

Jeep manages to sell around 200,000 units in America, divided into 3 different year time since 2013 launch. But then the sales are leveling off and ‘not so great’ anymore. There was a facelift happening in 2018, and yet it didn’t improve the sales figures. In fact, in 2020, the Cherokee was outsold by Maxda CX5, Honda CRV, and Toyota RAV4, making it sitting on the 10th place within the segment. People are still waiting for the Cherokee because of the increased popularity of the midsize SUV, but Jeep needs to do something big for the ride or it won’t pull off successfully.

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Powertrain and Performance

2024 Jeep Cherokee

If everything goes as planned, Jeep will no longer use the Tigershark four-cylinder petrol unit with 2.4 liter capacity. It means that the entry level Sport trim (with its front wheel) may likely no longer available starting from the 2022 model. The only available unit would be the Limited with its V6 unit. On the contrary, European buyers would be able to choose between four cylinder turbo diesel unit with 2.2 liter capacity and the optional turbo petrol four with 2.0 liter capacity (which would be coming with V6 petrol unit with 3.2 liter capacity).

What would happen to 2024 Jeep Cherokee? Will it be offered as 2025 model or does Jeep have their own plans? We will know more about 2024 Jeep Cherokee once the information is available.


Q: Is the Jeep Cherokee going to be discontinued?

A: The Jeep Cherokee is not yet being phased out, no. Stellantis simply disregards it in favor of concentrating on other models. The new Jeep Grand Wagoneer is undergoing changes, the Jeep Compass received a new interior, and a new Jeep EV is in the works.

Q: Is the Jeep Cherokee going to be redesigned?

A: The Jeep Cherokee underwent its most recent complete redesign in 2014. We anticipate the 2023 Jeep Cherokee to be a carryover model despite the small SUV’s age. In 2025, a complete overhaul is anticipated. For 2023, the Cherokee’s exterior styling won’t alter.

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