2024 Hyundai Ioniq 6: Remarkable Retro Styling!

If you have been around automotive, you must be common to see the popular Hyundai Ioniq. As the company has been successful with Ioniq 5 electric SUV, the next model to launch would be the 2024 Hyundai Ioniq 6. This model will be particularly designed as an all-new electric sedan. This model will also compete with Tesla Model 3.

Let’s just check out to read more about 2024 Hyundai Ioniq 6 below including the exterior updates, interior layouts, engine, price and release date.


2024 Hyundai Ioniq 6
Source: id.motor1.com

The 2024 Hyundai Ioniq 6 model design is based on the Prophecy concept at which the design is radical to represent the retro style and futuristic features. To have a new unique look, the 2024 Hyundai Sonata will adopt the 1930s design. In this way, the vehicle will have the same front end with Tesla Model 3 and Porsche Taycan. Meanwhile, the rear spoiler will likely be similar to that of the ducktail Porsche 911.

The 2024 Hyundai Ioniq 6 model also focuses on presenting the “lounge-like comfort” for the interior parts. In this way, the car will have modern and minimalist cabin along with the spaciousness of the inside. The dual-color ambient lighting system is added with a spectrum of 64 colors and 6 dual-color themes.


2024 Hyundai Ioniq 6
Source: id.motor1.com

Similar to Ioniq 5, 2024 Hyundai Ioniq 6 model will share an EV platform. The base model of Ioniq 6 will go with a single electric motor for the rear wheels. Meanwhile, the higher trim models will adopt the dual-motor all-wheel drive system. The output resulted would vary ranging from 168 to 320 horsepower.

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2024 Hyundai Ioniq 6 will likely have the same battery packs with that of the Ioniq 5. The battery is large enough to drive for 303 miles.

Price and Release Date

2024 Hyundai Ioniq 6
Source: id.motor1.com

The Ioniq 6 will enter production at the end of September 2022, though Hyundai hasn’t yet specified a precise launch date. The local South Korean market is probably the next to receive it, and a few months later, the rest of the world.

Although we anticipate the Ioniq 6 will cost a little more than its crossover sister, pricing is also unknown. It was a brave move to build a four-door sedan at a time when the model was in decline.

The price information isn’t shared yet but the model will likely be more than $39, 950. This price is the current model’s price for 2022 model, that is Ioniq 5. However, the prices are usually different depending on the trim line up you select. Other source mentioned that the 2024 model of Hyundai Ioniq 6 will be priced around $40,000. Thus, the prediction we made above is slightly true.

2024 Hyundai Ioniq 6 is expected to arrive and be available for sale in the end of 2023 or in the early 2024. The production will be probably started at latter part of 2022. However, the 2024 model is expected to have a higher driving range with the fast-charging capabilities.

All in all, the 2024 Hyundai Ioniq 6 is worth to wait if you are fond of retro styling vehicle. The spacious cabin and leg room offers more comfort so you can bring you small family to a vacation comfortably. The larger battery will be such a relief since you don’t have to worry about charging it too often. Moreover, the 2024 Hyundai Ioniq 6 model is expected to feature a fast-charging.

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Now let’s wait for the car next year and see whether the car is truly true as we expect.


Q: Is the Ioniq 5 bigger than the Kona?

A: The sub-compact SUV Hyundai Kona Electric is 165.6 inches long, 70.9 inches wide, and 61.2 inches tall. The Hyundai Ioniq 5 is a compact SUV with dimensions of 182.5 inches long, 74.4 inches wide, and 63.0 inches tall. The latter is substantially bigger and significantly more spacious as a result of its unique EV platform.

Q: How long does an Ioniq last?

A: The typical Hyundai Ioniq should endure around eight to ten years or roughly 100,000 kilometers. Furthermore, Hyundai asserts that the battery should survive for 20 years on average. You are protected if your battery dies before the manufacturer’s warranty expires, which is 10 years or 150,000 miles for all 2020 and 2021 Hyundai Ioniqs.

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