2024 Ford Thunderbird Massive Rumors of Returning

Although there have been many rumors concerning the comeback of Thunderbird, and the possibility of the manufacturing of 2024 Ford Thunderbird, there is still no official release or confirmation about the iconic ride. The return of the thunderbird would be interesting if there is a 2024 model for the 2024 Ford Thunderbird, but we can’t really expect a lot if there is no confirmed ‘yes’ from the auto manufacturer.

The return of the Ford Thunderbird has been long awaited by car enthusiasts everywhere. The Ford Thunderbird was first introduced in 1956 and became an instant hit among consumers. It was also a huge success on the racetrack, winning numerous championships. Today, the Thunderbird is back, and this time around, it’s even better than ever before.

The new 2024 Ford Thunderbird is a four-door sedan with seating for five people. It comes standard with a 2.7 liter EcoBoost engine, giving it a total horsepower output of 310. This is more powerful than its predecessor, the 2016 model year Thunderbird.

The Future Rumors of Thunderbird

2024 Ford Thunderbird
Source: autoevolution.com

The future 2024 Ford Thunderbird was originally created to be the main (and direct) rival to Chevrolet Corvette. Considering that Chevy is possibly developing the new futuristic Corvette, it’s possible that Ford would revive the nameplate so they can compete against the Corvette.

The are rumors about Ford Thunderbird coming back since last year. It happened when Ford filed the nameplate for patent rights. Since then people have been speculating about the Thunderbird’s existence and whether the company will revive the name. Has Ford said anything about it? Not at all. Because of their hush-hush, a lot of people have made speculations and rumors. Some (unnamed) and unknown sources that claimed to be close to the company and the matter also said that the Thunderbird matter is only a rumor.

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However, other sources stated that companies tend to ‘leak’ their own rumors and spread it around to test the water – to see how people would react to the matter. If people show positive reaction, then they may likely proceed with their plans.

Thunderbird’s Evolution

Thunderbird was first created in 1954 to compete against Corvette. At that time, it has reached an iconic status that makes the ride everlasting and somewhat ‘eternal’. But if Ford wants to go back to their roots, which means to compete against the Corvette, then they will have to do tons of work. Corvette is now gaining popularity as this exotic sports ride with mid engine layout. If Ford wants to compete with such a popularity, then they need to make Thunderbird super different from its original form. It means radical work. Would Ford be ready for it?

This is the interesting fact: Earlier, a lot of people have speculated that the 2024 Ford Thunderbird is possibly coming as an electric ride; most likely as an electric crossover. The name itself has spoken volumes of the Thunderbird, and it would be difficult to resist the similarities. Not to mention that the company seems to be quite ‘obsessed’ with electricity, considering that they try electrifying almost everything.

The problem is: Thunderbird was created as a personal luxurious vehicle, not a (hardcore) sports ride. If it’s true that Thunderbird is to compete with the Corvette, then Ford has a difficult task to retool their concept completely.

Final Word

2024 Ford Thunderbird
Source: autoevolution.com

It remains unclear about the rumor, or whether Thunderbird will ever exist or not. Although you have to admit that viewing the possibility of having a modern Thunderbird is quite interesting, it won’t be an easy feat for Ford to pull up. We can’t tell whether the new 2024 Ford Thunderbird would be worth it or not. For now, there is no sure thing about the 2024 Ford Thunderbird.

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Q: Is Ford going to bring back the Thunderbird?

A: Ford previously submitted a patent application to the USPTO in January 2021 for the moniker “Thunderbird.” And technically speaking, that suggests it might make a comeback in two-door guise to compete with the C8, though not, according Ford Authority’s sources, with a mid-mounted engine.

Q: Why did they discontinue the Thunderbird?

A: Despite strong initial demand and favorable reviews, Ford again cancelled the new Thunderbird in the middle of 2005 because sales were insufficient to support continuing manufacture.

Gallery of 2024 Ford Thunderbird Massive Rumors of Returning