2024 Ford Ranger for The Amazing Experience

It’s highly likely that 2024 Ford Ranger will get its electrified technology, following the emission regulations and targets. After all, the auto industry is looking at futuristic electric technology, and legislation has been created to meet those requirements. That’s why many auto productions are now targeting at either hybrid power or the electric vehicles. It’s not about whether the car will come with battery system, but it’s about when. That’s why it is only logical if the upcoming 2024 Ford Ranger would be coming with electric system.

The Next Gen Ranger

2024 Ford Ranger
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It’s highly possible that the upcoming 2024 Ford Ranger would be coming with different powertrains. There have been hints concerning electrified tech, including the chassis design. The 2024 Ford Ranger should be able to adapt to the increasing needs related to the futuristic technology. So far, it seems that Ranger has the ability to incorporate electrification within the platform, but that’s all for now. For the powertrain, it’s likely that the 2024 Ford Ranger model would be coming with four cylinder unit with 2.3 liter capacity and also the hybrid powertrain. Unfortunately, Ford hasn’t said much about it, so we can only wait and see.

The Updated Plan

This 2024 Ford Ranger would be coming in around 2023 as the 2024 Ford Ranger model. The manufacturing process will take place at Michigan Assembly Plant, which means that Ranger would likely be manufactured together with Bronco. If this is true, then Ford has done it right according to their plan. Moreover, Bronco and Ranger share the same architecture. In the most common sense, it’s possible that Ranger would be available in North America as the hybrid model (the same scheme as the Maverick) while Bronco may get electrified refreshment to make the new truck complete.

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Powertrain and Performance

In Australia, 2024 Ford Ranger will also be coming with Everest, and hybrid system is expected. Ford creates the medium SUV Escape with PHEV four cylinder system with 2.5 liter capacity that delivers 167 kW, and yet it is considered not punchy enough. The company packs the big SUV Explorer with V6 turbo unit with 3.0 liter capacity, delivering 336 kW, and then again, it’s considered too powerful. Hopefully, Ford can create a better balance with both Everest and Ranger with the four cylinder turbocharged unit.

2024 Ford Ranger
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It’s likely that the new 2024 Ford Ranger would be coming with four cylinder turbocharged petrol unit of 2.3 liter capacity, able to deliver 200kW of power. It’s ideal enough to be paired with plug in hybrid tech. If it is paired up with battery pack and electric motor, the generated power can reach 250kW. It’s a promising setup. This is definitely better than the V6 diesel unit that can deliver ‘only’ 190kW of power when the model is launched later.

Final Words

2024 Ford Ranger
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There hasn’t been any information and official confirmation about the upcoming Ranger. It’s obvious that Ford has much information stored concerning the upcoming launch, so we can still expect more details from the company. It seems that the 2024 Ford Ranger would be great, so we have tons to expect and wait for.


Q: When can I order a 2023 Ford Ranger?

A: Similar to its outgoing predecessor, the 2023 Ford Ranger will have the same features, but it will be made at a Ford assembly factory in Michigan. The vehicle will be constructed in Michigan, and orders will be taken starting in July.

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Q: Is the 2023 Ford Ranger worth waiting for?

A: The smaller 2023 Ranger Raptor piques our interest, despite the fact that the 2022 Ford F-150 boasts a significant number of Raptor versions, ranging from the 450-horsepower “normal” to the 5.2L Supercharged Raptor R. We believe this off-road-capable Ranger has so much potential that it will be worth the wait for it to be here.

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