2024 Ford Fusion Impressive Production and Launch

Is there going to be 2024 Ford Fusion? It seems like it. Ford Authority stated that Ford Fusion would be coming to the global markets as a crossover, and that statement took place in 2019 when the Fusion just stopped production. After the statement, in October 2019, an early body parts prototype had been spotted, but further confirmation hadn’t been made just yet. So, it’s only normal if people start expecting the Fusion to come back to the game, and with the futuristic technologies, everything is promised to have better outcome.

The Upcoming Fusion

It’s most likely that the 2024 Ford Fusion would be named Fusion Activ, at least in North American market. In China and Europe, however, it would be called Mondeo Activ, replacing the (already) existing Mondeo sedan. And it’s also likely that the new 2024 Ford Fusion would be using C2 platform – the same platform used for Ford Bronco Sport, Lincoln Corsair, Ford Focus, the new Ford pickup Maverick, and also Ford Escape.

Design and Construction

2024 Ford Fusion
Source: fordtrend.com

In terms of construction and design, the 2024 Ford Fusion model would be coming as a high riding wagon, covered in (Subaru) Outback look alike design instead of looking like a SUV crossover. The ride has its own unique sedan-like design, along with the hatchback type and taller greenhouse type on the back. Such a construction enables more cargo because it will create roomier effect, especially when compared to the previous sedan.

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The prototype is heavily covered and camouflaged, so it’s super complicated to see other details. But from the leaked photos of the new 2024 Ford Fusion, it seems that the front grille would be the same as the one used by Ford Edge 2021. But let’s not forget that the new 2024 Ford Fusion is still heavily covered, so we should wait for further confirmation about the crossover soon enough.

The sedan look alike design means that the new car is like a small midsize hatchback, and yet you can drive it high. It’s safe to say that it’s a soft roader model, created to ‘challenge’ other high riding wagons (like Buick Regal TourX or Subaru Outback). But then again, you will see that 2024 Ford Fusion has more curves than those competitors.

2024 Ford Fusion
Source: fordtrend.com

The Interior Cabin

The interior of the 2024 Ford Fusion would be quite different from the current productions that Ford ever created. From the prototype, we can see that the cabin has big screen that basically covers the entire space on the dashboard. If this is true, then Ford is ‘inspired’ by Mercedes with their Hyperscreen MBUX display.

Price and Release Date

Ford hasn’t said anything about the release schedule. They haven’t provided any official price either. If everything goes smoothly (meaning that there is no supply chain issue), 2024 Ford Fusion Active should be ready in 2023 – the latest should be in the end of 2023. The price isn’t made just yet. But since it would be running on turbocharged inline-four unit with 2.0 liter capacity, paired with auto 8 speed transmission, the possible starting price should be around $31,000. The highest one would be $41,000 for 2024 Ford Fusion.

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Q: Is Ford coming out with a new Fusion?

A: It’s expected that the 2023 Ford Fusion will improve upon the features of the 2020 model and offer stronger safety and driver-assistance systems.

Q: Why is Ford getting rid of the Fusion?

A: Ford started its North American retirement plans for the Ford Fusion Sport and comparable sedans in 2018. Perhaps the company’s strategy decision to concentrate more on the automobiles the North American market wanted was what caused this adjustment.

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