2024 Dodge Challenger: The New Advanced Electric Vehicle

2024 Dodge Challenger
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There is no indication that electric vehicles will take over the 2024 Dodge Challenger model due to the fact that the car is one of the brawniest muscle cars which is a big undertaking. It is also one of the big performance payoffs in its class. 

The challenger will likely ride on Stellantis’s big electric vehicle platform that can deliver up to 500 miles of range. The information hasn’t been released yet particularly about the powertrain. Other details about the car will be clearly explained in the following review sections: 


Dodge Challenger with 2024 Dodge Challenger model is predicted to have a better performance through the styling that is clearly looking classic. It comes with Fratzog logo that was also used on Dodge vehicles from 1960’s to 1970’s. 

The 2024 Dodge Challenger exact performance seems still in a lower estimation, meaning that we cannot predict how best the model’s performance will be. 

New In The Lineup 

2024 Dodge Challenger is predicted to be the new vehicle for the Dodge lineup. It is very possible that the engine will come with a four-door charger eMuscle, joining the lineup at the same time. However, we don’t have any speculation until the car is closer to launch. 


The 2024 Dodge Challenger will likely offer a premium price over the gasoline-powered Challenger models. However, the prices have not estimated yet since Dodge has not released the exact information about the price. 

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In this regards, the 2024 Dodge Challenger likely offers the similar trim including the performance versions that wear R/T and Hellcat names. The information and recommendation will be updated through the story on which model denotes the best value when it is learnt more. 

Information Coverage 

2024 Dodge Challenger
Source : motorbiscuit.com

Today, more and more information becomes easily available and found through the story updated along with the other details. In this case, the information that the company will update include the engine, transmission and performance. These information are essential to provide people with the basic details showing the clue of how the car will perform. 

Later, it is also predicted that the company will soon release the information about the mode range, charging, battery life, fuel economy and real-world MPG. These information deals with the car’s specs that supports the way the car presents a better performance. 

Interior, comfort and cargo along with the infotainment and connectivity features are the information dealing with the car’s design. There are also safety and Driver-Assistance features plus warranty and maintenance coverage that the company also added in the story. 

Unfortunately, only a little information has been available. In the other words, the information details have not available yet. Hence, we can only estimate very little about the 2024 Dodge Challenger. 


Overall, 2024 Dodge Challenger will be one of the electric vehicles that won’t be beatable. The information we can summarize covers only about the estimated performance and lineup. Meanwhile, pricing and the car’s specs are not clearly explained since there is not enough information about it.

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Q: Will there be a 2024 Challenger?

A: Ford is keeping the Mustang in production for a while. Dodge, however, has previously stated that the Charger and Challenger would be phased out beginning with the 2023 model year in favor of electrified “eMuscle.” Dodge stated that an electric variant would replace them in 2024.

Q: Is the Dodge Challenger coming to an end?

A: Dodge’s decision to discontinue the gas-powered Charger and Challenger after 2023 is therefore not shocking. Their powerful Hellcat and Hemi V8 engines are out of date since automakers now prioritize kilowatts over horsepower.

Gallery of 2024 Dodge Challenger Will Be The New Advanced Electric Vehicle

Gallery of 2024 Dodge Challenger: The New Advanced Electric Vehicle

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