2024 Buick Wildcat: Your Hilarious Future Dream Car

Imagine a tomorrow is designed around you through the upcoming 2024 Buick Wildcat to make your harmonizing future dream comes true. In North America, 2024 Buick Wildcat is expected to arrive as the first electric vehicle under the name “Electra”.

The Buick Wildcat EV concept showcases the brand’s new face, logo, and design language for a lineup of future electric vehicles. Each will be called Electra, followed by an alphanumeric designation. Although the Wildcat is a coupe, the upcoming Electra models will be all SUVs (at least initially), beginning with a compact offering in 2024. By 2030, Buick’s entire lineup will be badged Electra. Two compact two-row models are planned. One is lower, sportier, more car-like, and geared toward couples; the other rides higher with more cargo room for families.

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2024 Buick Wildcat
Source: motortrend.com

As we have mentioned, 2024 Buick Wildcat will come as the first electric vehicle in its lineup. Buick has announced to confirm this model will arrive soon in 2024. The prototype will even show up later this year.

Just because the 2024 Buick Wildcat uses a sleek 2+2 electric coup doesn’t mean that it isn’t representative to a future electric car model. Instead, the design will make it appears as EV crossovers coming in 2023. The 2024 Buick Wildcat design elements that will build up the model include the forward-tilting front end along with the checkmark-shaped headlights and taillights as well as a low -mounted trapezoidal grille.

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A 2024 Buick Wildcat new tri-shield logo will significantly modify the model so it will have something new before starting the debut. Other important design included in the concept is the “semi-swing” doors that have T-top-like top sections, allowing the doors to rise and open.


2024 Buick Wildcat
Source: motortrend.com

2024 Buick Wildcat interior offers some convenient features fitting the design. Due to the small second row space, the seating position has a full-length center console. The cabin is featuring by a flat-bottom steering wheel and metal pedals as well as the front seats with the headrest.

A wide touchscreen is positioned in front of the driver and extended to dominate the dash. 2024 Buick Wildcat is notably coming with lively colors in the future as Legato Green appears throughout the cabin along with the orange accents.

For more comfort, Buick builds the 2024 Buick Wildcat concept in terms of artificial intelligence, biometrics and aromatherapy. These systems are aimed to activate a Zen mode in order to dim the lights and release aromatherapy scents, delivering a message to your seats to calm you down.


Buick has already confirmed 2024 Buick Wildcat and other electric model will be empowered by the GM’s Ultium Battery and motor architecture. Electra-X Crossover concept used by 2024 Buick Wildcat model is unveiled only for the Chinese market. Hence, not all the details are included such as the battery size and electric driving range.

Price and Release Date

2024 Buick Wildcat
Source: motorauthority.com

It hasn’t been informed yet about the exact price on 2024 Buick Wildcat but the some features will notably influence how much you can pay for the vehicle. Those features include a remote key fib, Wi-Fi data and OnStar safety services.

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Buick didn’t say either about when this electric vehicle will arrive. However, it is estimated that the car will arrive sometime in 2024 if the manufacture starts the production this year or later in 2023. If the car is already in your waiting list, don’t forget to keep sourcing the information shared periodically on its official website. We would also share any updated information later.


Q: Will the Buick Wildcat go into production?

A: Although the low fastback coupe won’t be put into production, future gas and electric Buicks will feature some of its outstanding design cues. They will all, however, be SUVs.

Q: How much is the new Wildcat Buick?

A: Although we are unsure of the pricing options, we anticipate that the Buick Electra Wildcat coupe and SUV will start at about $55,000. Despite being unveiled in 2023, the Buick Electra SUV won’t hit the market until 2025.

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