2024 BMW X6 Getting Ready for the Upcoming Launch

It seems that the 2024 BMW X6 is getting closer to the unveiling time because more and more images of the car undergoing the testing stage have been spotted on the net. In April, there were some photos of the X6 and X5 undergoing testing stages with facelift changes. The spyshots were spotted in the Nürburgring track. And then the updated 2024 BMW X6 M version had been on the testing stage, and that time, there were 2 different prototypes being spotted.

The new 2024 BMW X6 has been redesigned from the ground up. It’s more spacious, more powerful, and more luxurious than ever before. The new 2024 BMW X6 has arrived! This luxury SUV is packed with features that will impress even the most discerning drivers.

The new BMW X5 is an impressive vehicle that offers a lot of space inside. It comes with a wide range of standard equipment, such as a navigation system, a rearview camera, and heated seats. There are also plenty of optional extras available, including a panoramic sunroof, a power liftgate, and a heated steering wheel.

Since then, the X6 seems to undergo tons of different testing stages – meant to improve the performance and abilities. Many people have stated that the car seems to have a ‘spicy’ design and appearance. And the X6 is said to have high performance abilities. Being created under 2024 BMW X6 M nameplate, the ride is believed to be inspired by iX electric M60 as well as X7 M60i.

The Obvious Physical Appearance

2024 BMW X6
Source: carscoops.com

The believed prototype of 2024 BMW X6 has improved appearance. At least from the exterior design, the facelift is quite obvious. It comes with rear bumper having quad exhaust outlets, which are similar to the (bigger) X7 M60i. From the viewed images, the car comes with big brakes and wheels. The camo has holes in it, and it shows that the car comes with sizable air intakes. Hopefully (and from the looks of it), the grille of the car has reasonable size.

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Powertrain and Performance

The name M60i itself refers to the S68 unit. It may replace the M50i, but the formula and the arrangement will remain the same. If the X6 turns out to be inspired by the X7, it should be running on the same mild hybrid V8 unit with 4.4 liter capacity that is able to generate 523 hp (or 530 PS/390 kW) and 750 Nm of torque.

The Exterior Facelift

2024 BMW X6
Source: carscoops.com

It’s most likely that the upcoming X6 would be designed with new front, which includes slimmer headlights, revised front bumper, and also revised grille – all completed with updated and new central air intake having angular supports.

The back will also have the same facelift. The taillights may likely be different from the new graphics; although only a little bit. However, the prototype would be coming with the same taillights used by the current gen of X6. But it may be changed with the real production. In the meantime, the other elements will remain the same. So, it’s safe to say that the exterior will remain the same and not changed. This isn’t really surprising, considering that the X6 is experiencing mid-cycle revision; and not the full one.

The Interior Cabin

2024 BMW X6
Source: carscoops.com

Information isn’t complete about the interior cabin. But if there are changes, they would be substantial, such as the infotainment tech. it means that you should expect 14.9 inch of touchscreen and 12.3 inch of instrument cluster, all combined in a curved display. Just like the minor updates on the outside, you can also expect minor changes on the inside, including color and trim.

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There is no information about the release date and price, but expect the 2024 BMW X6 model to be debuted in 2023, and then the sales can start in 2024. More updates should be expected about the 2024 BMW X6 soon.


Q: Is there a new BMW X6 coming out?

A: The updated X6 will have a slightly modified exterior and new inside technology that draws inspiration from BMW’s newest SUVs, the iX and XM. The performance-focused X6 M has already through facelift testing, and it will be unveiled with the standard X6.

Q: When did BMW redesign the X6?

A: 2020 will see a redesign. seats five. Rear- or all-wheel drive is available in all three X6 models (40i, M50i, and X6 M).

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