All-Inclusive 2024 Acura ev: Cool Redesigned Project

There has been an official confirmation that 2024 Acura ev would be coming to the Canada and US market as the 2024 Acura ev model. The model would be an all new 2024 Acura ev electric ride which would be available as a ‘big sized’ vehicle. The Japanese auto manufacturer has their own plans when it comes to futuristic electric vehicles, and they have released some info about it. 

The Upcoming Models

2024 acura ev

Honda’s new 2024 Acura ev electric ride would be set as Honda Prologue, and it should be available in the beginning of 2024. In the meantime, the first ever Acura electrified SUV (still not having any name yet) would also be released in the same year. It seems that Honda has their target on customers from Tesla Model Y, with potential (and comparable) range and features. It means that one SUV would be released under Honda’s name, while another one is under Acura. 

Size and (Expected) Specs

Honda has worked together with General Motors to co-develop the EVs by using the GM (global) EV platform. Both rides would be coming with Ultium Drive (electric) motors as well as Ultium li-ion batteries from GM. However, everything right above the foundation would be constructed uniquely Acura and Honda. 

The electric 2024 Acura ev is possibly bigger, when compared to Lyriq which is designed as a midsize SUV. There would be AWD setup with dual motor available, while the battery pack should be able to accommodate units from 70 kWh to 100 kWh capacity. 

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The Electric Name for Acura

2024 acura ev

For some people, it’s pretty odd that Honda has planned a ‘Prologue’ nameplate for the electric SUV with Honda tag, and yet they haven’t prepared anything for the Acura. But some have predicted that the 2024 Acura ev may be likely launch as Acura ADX. Rumors have it that the name has been filled in trademark application in 2021. Whether it’s true or not, we just have to wait up. 

Sales and Marketing Plan

Honda wants their 2024 Acura ev EVs to have at least 40% of ratio of their annual sales by 2030 – at least in North America alone. By 2035, they would increase it to 80%. The company wants to have full electrified fleet by 2040 so there won’t be any regular or gas powertrain anymore. They are planning on launching new EV models series with e:Architecture, the new EV construction and platform. They are focusing their production and launch in North America before they make it available in other regions. 

The reason why Honda uses a borrowed platform is because they want to save production and development costs, including avoiding themselves from risky capital investment, especially in new technology. At least until the entire market is prepared enough to adopt EVs within a bigger scale. 

Final Words

2024 acura ev

Honda hasn’t said anything about the technical details of the electric ride. However, the president and CEO of Honda, Toshihiro Mibe, has confirmed about their availability to release more info and details in 2022. They will provide more about the Prologue and the upcoming Acura soon enough. So, if you want to know more about 2024 Acura ev, you need to wait and see.

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